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Craftsmanship and Simple, Affordable Luxury The finest items we can buy are often handmade.  Clothing and furniture are prime examples.  Fortunately, you don’t need to spend $300 on a shirt or thousands on a oak wood table to experience the superior quality that a practiced and careful hand can bring.  For a relatively small sum, you can experience a little luxury every day in your shower or calming bath.  Specially selected oils, butters and fragrances combine in handmade soap to pamper your skin in ways commercially made products can seldom achieve.

The Secret To Better Quality...
It’s all about the oils! A soap maker can turn almost any oil or fat into soap. Lard and Tallow make an inexpensive bar of soap, yielding more profit for the maker. However, many people prefer that none of God’s creatures have to die so they can have a bar of soap. I agree. My soap is made with vegetable oils. This soap won’t strip your skin of its natural oils. The profit margin is a little lower, but I love knowing that I am putting out a top notch soap.
It's An Art Form...
Soap making is an art. It is a medium that I never grow tired of working with. Every bar you purchase will be a little piece of art. No two are the same. They are interesting to look at, and they appeal to your senses – They feel good, smell wonderful, and look beautiful! All to please you!


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